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Factory for area rug cleaning New Jersey

We are on our field of area rug cleaning for the last two decades. We have a vast number of customers who are completely satisfied with our area rug cleaning effort. Thus we can say, customers are our asset. With our multi step area rug cleaning process, our company can face any type of your area rug cleaning situation. We can also guarantee expert cleaning result with our area rug cleaning process.

Pre-inspection and dust removal process

In order to find out the characteristics of your area rug fiber, our workers check your area rug before starting our area rug cleaning process. According to this pre-inspection result, our technicians can find out the most suitable area rug cleaning method. Thus we can provide a harmless area rug cleaning process.

Area rugs absorb large amount of dust particles from your foot wears and from other sources. This staining process will result in the damage of your area rugs. Therefore, you have to provide your attention in cleaning your area rugs regularly. You can remove all these stains from your area rug by contacting our professionals for cleaning help. Our dust removal process can remove all kinds of stains from your favorite area rug.

Our washing process

Our company can make your area rug cleaned by our washing process. Our cleaning team can fetch out all the dirt from your stained area rug completely. After our cleaning process, there will not remain any marks of stains in your area rug. Our company uses a mixture of soap or shampoo and water to clean your area rug. Our cleaning solution is capable of removing all types of dirt from your area rug.

Rinsing process

We can fetch out all the soil water from your area rug by our rinsing process. All the remaining stains after our washing process are removed in this step. For this rinsing process, we wash your area rug in running water.

Our drying process

Through our drying process, we can bring back your area rug to its normal stage within a short period of time. Thus we can ensure your area rug free from moisture. After extracting all the water content from your cleaned area rug, our workers can make your area rug shine as it is new. This process is called grooming. In this process, our professionals groom all the area rug fibers in one direction. This will increase the fair look of your area rug.

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