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Cleaning service of Upholstery Cleaning New Jersey will remove all dirt, stains and allergens without harming your upholstery. We will take special care in the safety of upholstery fabrics and thus we can help you to avoid high replacement costs. Our cleaning process is safe for adults, babies, children and pets.

Before starting the cleaning process, workers of Upholstery Cleaning New Jersey will inspect a small portion of your upholstery to find the characteristics of fiber and color. After the inspection, our men will choose the most suitable cleaning method for your upholstery.We also provide deodorizing services to your stuffs.

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Service Offers the Following Benefits:

  • Our cleaning process uses organic-based cleansers.
  • Our staff offers extreme care to avoid fiber damage.
  • With our same day service, we can immediately restore your upholstery from staining.
  • Our cleaners are ozone safe and biodegradable.
  • Using our high speed drying process, we can offer you back on your upholstery within hours.
  • We have treatments for removing deeply trapped dirt from your upholstery.

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